The perfect doctor

July 30, 2014
Dr. Jeff Crippen

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“The body could be said to contain a complete pharmaceutical factory that can and does manufacture all needed natural remedies . . . to remedy the body’s deficiency.”

Alan C. Walter

Does the perfect doctor exist? If so, what would be the consequences of finding this doctor?

In this article, I will define the skills and abilities of this doctor and offer suggestions on how to find the perfect doctor for you.

What defines a perfect doctor?

  • The perfect doctor would need to be able to perfectly and accurately perceive the level of function and degree of health of every cell, organ, tissue and muscle in your body.
  • They would need accurate, real time feedback to constantly track the condition of the body and be able to perceive and manage small deviations from ideal before they progressed into more pronounced problems and diseases.
  • They would need to evaluate exactly the nutrient, vitamin and mineral needs of your body even as those individual needs change over time.
  • They would also need to know how changes in your diet, exercise, life and levels of stress change these nutrient requirements with exacting precision.
  • They would need the ability to accurately monitor the condition of every vital structure in the body and have the force and power to realign its structure and alignment perfectly.
  • They would need perfect and open communication with their patient.
  • They would need to know every body condition that has ever existed, be able to diagnose it accurately and be willing and able to help it.
  • They would need to be able to create and manufacture all needed natural remedies and deliver them at the dose needed, at the time needed to the location need every time so that it causes a return to homeostasis, or the natural balance of the body.

Where can you find this doctor?

Within you!

The truth is, your body knows every possible health condition and how to handle it. The key is to be willing to listen to these signals and help, or work with, your body.

Also, as quoted above, the body could be said to contain a complete pharmaceutical factory that can and does manufacture all needed natural remedies, the only limiting factor being the availability of the right nutrients necessary to combine chemically to create the correct chemical compounds with which to remedy the body’s deficiency.

In a healthy body, all parts are in communication with each other. It is this interconnection of all the cells, organs, tissues and entities of your body that creates harmony in the body and contributes to optimum health.

YOU have this ability to be your own perfect doctor. In fact, any healing system, whether it uses food, drugs, supplements, adjustments, homeopathics or any other modality only heals to the extent that it stimulates and motivates your own innate healing potential to action.

All healing comes from within.

It is a goal of our care to unlock your healing potential and allow you to express more optimum health.

To do this, we must be able to accurately perceive what your body wants and needs and be ruthless in delivering this to your body.

As you do this, your vitality will sore, fitness will increase, mood will rise and you will recover your natural state of health.

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