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December 02, 2016
Dr. Jeff Crippen

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Darkness is only driven out by light,
Not more darkness.

-Martin Luther King Jr.


Do you want to be healthy or simply not sick?

What is the difference you may ask? Truth be told, the meaning of these two terms, healthy and sick, are as opposite as light and dark.

Since darkness can be defined as the absence of light, how can one “eliminate” darkness? Think of walking into a dark room. What do we do to get rid of darkness in that room? We turn on the light!

To think of eliminating darkness without adding light is almost silly. There is no way to “eliminate” darkness without adding light, a point so obvious it is almost redundant.

This alludes to the fact that the best way to address a lack of something is to add back the missing something. This is the only workable solution.

In this instance, the solution to darkness, defined as the absence of light, is to turn on the light, thus dissipating the darkness.

Similarly, just as darkness can be defined as the absence of light, so too can disease be defined as the absence of health.

And if this is so, the question becomes how can we flip on the proverbial light switch of health thus dissipating disease?


The Blood Pressure Example

If you have high blood pressure and visit most medical practitioners, they will give you a drug to lower your blood pressure. Symptom gone, problem solved?

In one sense, yes. If your goal was to be not sick – defined as no symptoms – and your blood pressure is now in the normal range, you have accomplished this goal.

However, you would hardly be considered healthy if you need to take a pharmaceutical drug for the rest of your life to manage your blood pressure.

To prove this, if you stopped taking the drug, the symptom of high blood pressure would still be there. Why is this? Simply put, the lack of health (disease) cannot be resolved without adding back the missing factor(s).

The medical solution to disease – prescribing drugs and, if the drugs don’t work, performing surgery – does not treat the underlying cause. And, while these therapies have some level of usefulness, at the right time and place, overall they are limited in their effectiveness.

While we have many health problems on this planet:

I guarantee no disease is caused by a lack of drugs or extra body parts.

Thus, the drugs and surgeries are treating the effects of the lack of health – the symptoms – not the underlying cause.

It is the equivalent of trying to increase light by fighting darkness. It is a losing battle. You cannot get light by fighting darkness — the only way is to turn on the light!

So how do we turn on the light of our own health?

The first step is to recognize that health is a result of us, what we know and how we apply this knowledge.


Health has 5 key components which are:

Ease, Vitality, Healthy Eating, Optimum Communication & Fitness


As we become healthier in one or more of the above areas, we become healthier overall. And, by increasing our overall health, we are dissipating the darkness of disease by turning on the light of health.

Remember this, no matter your age, what symptoms you have, or what challenges you are facing, your body can heal and you can become healthier.

The light of health can always be turned on, or even turned on a little brighter.

What is one action you can take — right now — to become healthier?


In health,

Dr. Jeff Crippen

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