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More Health, Less Sickness

  Darkness is only driven out by light, Not more darkness. -Martin Luther King Jr.   Do you want to be healthy or simply not sick? What is the difference you may ask? Truth be told, the meaning of these

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The Six Steps of Detoxification

Just last week, I received a great question from a patient. They asked what I could recommend to help them detoxify after a round of medication. Obviously we can give a very specific answer with muscle testing and a personalized nutritional

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October is breast cancer awareness month — the month NFL players wear pink cleats, KFC sells pink buckets of chicken and the collective consciousness of the nation is focused on “breast cancer awareness.”

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Transformational Wellness

Recently I was emailing a friend of mine, Chris Johnson, who travels the country speaking to corporations about health and wellness. He is a friend with a strong mission and purpose to teach the basic principles of wellness.

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How Chiropractic Improves Your Health

Mary came into the office with carpal tunnel syndrome in her left wrist. It had been bothering her for 6 months and after a series of unsuccessful trips to an orthopedist and a wrist and hand specialist, her symptoms were getting worse. Medically her next step was surgery. That is when I had the chance to speak to her.

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Four foods to feed your child with ADHD

Conventional medical thinking says Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), is a disease that is best treated by medications. First of all, I often don’t agree with the diagnosis of ADHD as it is often given to energetic young boys who don’t like being told to sit down and be quiet in school…

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The perfect doctor

Does the perfect doctor exist? If so, what would be the consequences of finding this doctor? In this article, I will define the skills and abilities of this doctor and offer suggestions on how to find the perfect doctor for you.

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Why take nutrition, part 1

Many people begin taking nutrition to get rid of a symptom that is present or prevent a future disease. In this context, I am using nutrition to include both high quality nutrient dense foods like vegetables, fruits and organic pasture raised meats, but also whole food supplements made from these same foods.

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Why take nutrition, part 2

This is why, in the story of healing, getting rid of symptoms is not the end of the story but just the beginning. In part two, we will look at how this new theory applies to nutrition and wellness.

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The (surprising) Truth About Mammograms

There are many sacred cows in Medicine. SACRED COW (n) – One that is immune from criticism, often unreasonably so. In this case, a sacred cow refers to an idea, belief or procedure that is accepted as fact, even in

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